everyone's famous to fifteen people

i feel happy to have gotten some props from andy at celebrating the underblog [3/4 of the way down the page].

the concept is a good one: a blog i've never read before promotes a bunch of lesser known blogs. seeing as how i'm a lesser known blog, i'm all for this. so i guess this is the portion of my post where i ask anyone else out there who digs reading gomi to take five seconds and go pimp me by adding a comment to the thread.

maybe one of these days i'll be linked by kottke - then my rise to power will be complete. until then, i'll just sit here and keep doing what i've been doing. and thank you for your support.


Phillip Ingham said...

if you are a lesser known, I'm a complete unknown, but since I started blogging a few months ago I have enjoyed reading others and writing my own. Its blogs like this that grabbed my initial enthusiasm to continue my own (pimped enough?)

Jason Cosper said...

allow me to put this in perspective: a larger blog like andy's gets about 19,000 pageviews a day. this weblog gets between 500-900 page views a day. when i started the weblog in 2000 [then called evolve you hapless bastards!] i was mostly getting random traffic from a dozen or so friends.

keep in mind that in 2000 weblogs weren't the big thing that they are now. at the time i was only able to host the site on a /~ on a friend's server. also, if you scan thru the old entries you'll note that the content was far more personal and sporadic then it is now. the personal content and hit or miss output has since shifted to my livejournal. apparently my personal content likes being at a /~ address which is only read by a handful of friends. funny, isn't it?