happy birthday you magnificent bastard

it's gomi's birthday today. originally called "evolve you hapless bastards!", i set up shop on a shell account that gave me a web prescence on a /~ address. it was also the only shell i could score that had ftp open. the server was a sparc ipx sitting on a dsl line in a friend's room at his parent's house. the service was sporadic, but so were the posts. i wrote for myself tho, so it didn't matter that i took off for several months here and there.

at the time i wanted to keep a running tab on what was going on as i was getting ready to move to ohio. why ohio? because i had this serious urge to be anywhere but where i was at the time. if that meant moving to dayton to do it, so be it. i really couldn't be reasoned with.

fortunately, things fell thru and i stayed here. posting was still hit or miss, but i kept the weblog going. the sparc exploded and i ended up bouncing between a few free hosts for about six months. in a fit of drunken rage, i ended up buying gominosensei.org [a william gibson reference], changing the weblog's name and piggybacking the web site off my work's webserver.

the domain has changed it's home [and it's appearance] a few times since then but i've always managed to keep gomi going. i've posted over 2100 entries here, in the sidebar and on my old cellphone blog. it's been a good run so far, but i feel like i'm just getting started. thanks for reading so far.

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Vincent said...

hi, i don't know ya, but i have been entertained over the last few weeks by what i have found here... i am stoked about the flickr.com site i found from your page and thoroughly dud the www.dozomo.com for about a day -it seems to have died since it was sold though =[

may you blog long and proper