retractionary tactics

at one point or another [either here or in another public forum] i may have made layerone seem as if it were my event. i may have let my ego get the best of me, because there were four other people who put loads of effort into it as well. by making those remarks i feel as if i've marginalized the blood, sweat and tears that they've put into it. that's something i shouldn't have done, and it's something i owe each and every one of them an apology for.

something i've said as an aside to an old friend was, "you know what happens when you get me in front of a microphone." which reefers to the fact that my mouth [or in this case my keyboard] tends to shoot first and ask questions later. were this a cop movie, my sarge would have demanded my badge and gun long ago. i'd probably still be a vigilante - seeking justice on my own terms while riding a motorcycle thru the desert - but that's not the point...

the point is that my choice of words can hurt the ones i care about, even when i don't realize that they may. i've got a feeling that happens to a lot of us, mostly in different ways. but that still doesn't mean that one can't reflect on the impact that something as simple as phrasing can have on a friendship or a partnership. that's not to say that i'm friendless for letting things be misrepresented, but i think at the very least anyone who reads this can reflect upon and benefit from it.

it's about learning from one's mistakes and owning up when one has made one.

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