the games geeks play

justin recently pointed to a unix geek game called getopt. the rules aren't too hard to grasp as long as you have a base knowledge of the unix command line environment:

  1. have someone begin by saying a letter of the alphabet out loud. this is the 'getopt' letter.
  2. the next person in the circle must come up with a unix command which uses that letter as an option. further, the command and the purpose of the option must be described.
  3. go to the next person, using the last letter of the previous unix command as the new 'getopt' letter.
  4. you can not reuse a command.
  5. as people fail to name a unix command, that person must drop out.

now, replace the term "drop out" with "take a shot" or "pound a beer" and you have the next great defcon drinking game.

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me said...

Hey boogah --

yeah, it's just like the old "famous names" drinking game! (only much nerdier ;)

actually, a good trick to adopt from "famous names" is "doubles reverse" -- if you respond to a getopt letter with the *same* letter, it reverses direction and you get to send it back to your questioner...