reinventing the mouse

thanks to a free ticket from my boss, megs and i headed to disneyland for a few hours on friday. [photos: 1 2 3 4 5 6 ] while we were sad that the tiki room was closed for a badly needed rehab, we still had a fun day.

at one point, we ducked into a gift shop in tomorrowland and came across a new line of merchandise called "disney cuties". smiling anime styled visages of mickey, minnie, pooh and bambi stared back at us as vinyl coin purses. megs insisted that they're carrying some of the cuties characters on shirts at torrid. a quick search of torrid's online store proves her right. the look seems to have been created as an answer to both paul frank and the waning hello kitty brand. it's most likely made to appeal to the teen and early twentysomething set who are too cool to sport touristy disney gear when not on vacation.

still, this is one of the first times i can recall seeing mickey - the cornerstone of the company - being looked at from such a different angle. despite me not being the the target audience [see: not a young girl], i would love to see a weekly flash cartoon staring this mickey. if disney is going to keep fucking with copyright law to protect their rodent, then they need to push mickey into some new frontiers.

[addendum: if anyone can grab some photos of the cuties merch and send them my way i'd really appreciate it. there's not a lot of shots of it online and i'd like to host some of them until disney slaps me with a cease and desist.]

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