gmail - now with atom support!

it would appear that gmail now has atom support. as far as i'm concerned, this is a vast improvement over all those menubar and taskbar mail checkers that have been popping up everywhere. the feed returns the first line of any new mail as a new item and the item points to my inbox. it's short, sweet and to the point. me gusta mucho.

even though i use bloglines for the majority of my feed reading i have a handful of personal feeds [see: private wikis, etc.] that i use newsfire for. thanks to the atom feeds it's one less website that i have to check on a regular basis. take that hotmail/yahoo.


Pedro Figueiredo said...

my gmail account doesn't have that! it's brilliant! did you change any setting?

Jason Cosper said...

i've got a feeling that they're rolling it out gradually. you may want to give it a day or two before you start to feel jilted.

tell you what, keep yourself logged in at gmail and give this url a try:


i think it checks for your login cookie, so it have a feeling it won't work with something like bloglines. just keep that in mind before you go "dude, wtf?"