shameless plug

i'm wondering how many flickr people happen to be disney geeks and just don't know that we've got a little community going on there. if you're into disney related stuff join up, won't you?

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Jason Cosper said...

bow: i agree with you... kinda. modern disney [the mega-conglomerate] pisses me off. classic disney [see: when walt was still alive and the world was full of promise] is what really fascinates me.

i blame some of my stance on growing up mere miles from disneyland. i was born after walt's death, but that doesn't matter. i spent a lot of time in the park as a kid and eisner hadn't stamped too much of walt's spirit out of the park just yet.

still, they push for extending american copyright law to protect mickey which upsets me. i really wish they'd quit doing shit like that.