introducing preshrunk

say hello to gomi's kid sister, preshrunk...

preshrunk is a weblog that covers t-shirts and hoodies that i think are pretty cool. sure it's a bit hyperfocused, but some of the best blogs out there cover just one thing - and they do it really, really well. take a look at pvrblog if you've never been there. matt and george are running a top notch site whose sole topic is personal video recorders. they allegedly pull a modest bit of revenue from their ads and their posts are constantly refered to on larger gadget sites like gizmodo and engadget.

how do they pull it off? it's because they are so passionate about their subject that their enthusiasm for it shines thru. it's always a lot of fun to read a fan who has written about his favorite subject. and if you know me, you know that i love t-shirts. so hopefully, i can encourage a few of you to take a peek and send me some of your favorite shirt and hoodie designs. i'd also appreciate some feedback if you have any. thanks, yo.

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