after having a minor epiphany on the way into the office, i've assembled a quick and dirty ipod app for disneyland annual passport holders. passpod uses the 3g/4g/mini/photo ipod's note functions to list blackout dates and passholder discounts. i know it's an extremely specific widget, but it was more of an exercise to familiarize myself with how the notes function works. seeing as how megs and i are ipod owning annual passholders, it's handy for two people at the very least.

passpod, originally uploaded by boogah.

it's released under a creative commons license, so please fold, spindle and mutilate it as you see fit. it'd be nice to see a version for mobile phones or the palm pilot. if you do manage to do something cool with it, i'd dig it if you'd let me know. cheers!

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