indulging my inner foodie

:: if you find yourself over by the beverly center, do go get a snack at boule. the hype they've been getting is well deserved. their pastries are absolutley divine and the staff is kind, attentive and attractive.

p.s. get a taster spoon of boule's lime basil sorbet. your mouth will thank me later.

p.p.s. in case you'd forgotten, there is nothing of redeeming value at the beverly center. try to avoid it if at all possible.

p.p.p.s. megs took some pictures of what we picked up on our visit.

:: apparently the big food item right now are paninis. for the uninitiated, a panini is basically a pressed, grilled sandwich. they're pretty damn tasty when done correctly. but if you listen to the folks at williams-sonoma, you're going to need a panini press... and that's gonna cost you around $60-100. so if you can't wait for target to sell a $15 panini press, here's a quick kitchen hack for you...
take a brick and wrap it in tinfoil. when your recipie calls for you to place your sandwich in a panini press, simply place it on a preheated griddle and place your brick on top. after 2-3 minutes, remove the brick and flip your panini. then, place the brick back on your sandwich and wait another 2-3 minutes. remove brick, enjoy sandwich.
if you're new to paninis, i suggest you give the roast beef and caramelized onion panini a try. if you're not down with red meat, a grilled eggplant, arugula and mozzarella panini is just as good of a starter.

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