short restaurant reviews

hit a couple of places that were new to me over the weekend, so i thought i'd go ahead and review them...

:: gr/eats - the shrimp curry was superb and the mixed fries [potato/yams/bananas] were a welcome change from the straight up potato offering found elsewhere. if you haven't had almond jello, do try theirs for desert. it's extremely simple and unadorned, but oh so tasty.

:: fred 62 - i really enjoyed fred 62's mac `n cheese and their burger was rather big for the price. even though i don't like baked apples, the punk tart was outstanding. the waitstaff was all male, so i prefer swingers in that respect.

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Britta said...

fred 62 is one of my favorites...weird, they usually have some women waitresses (even with fishnets sometimes). i just love the veggie royale sandwich.