for the past two weeks, programs have been randomly crashing on my precious ibook. since i'm no stranger to troublshooting mac issues, i run the normal battery of tests.

i checked every plist twice... things still randomly crashed.

i cleared my font and system cache... still no improvement.

i booted from the install disk, ran disk utility and repaired both my permissions and the hard disk... after that, it took a couple hours for the random crashes to come back. but they did.

i run the hardware test disk... bingo!

it looks like the 512mb stick of ram is in the process of failing. *shrug* it could be worse... it could have been the dimm that's soldered onto the board. that might have been no fun.

guess who gets to spend an otherwise lazy friday at work on the phone with 1-800-4-memory to start the rma process. if you said "jason" give yourself a gold star.

thank god i bought the memory with the lifetime warranty....

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