when it rains, it pours

august is not being that awesome of a month so far.

i had my laptop open and charging back in my bedroom last night while i was in the front of the house watching entourage. when i came back to shut it down and go to bed, my ibook couldn't nudge itself out of screensaver stasis.

"odd," i thought. "but things have been taking a bit longer since i rma'ed that ram. i'll take a shower and see if it's cool then."

ten minutes later, i'd come back to my room and still the same screen greeted me. something has to be frozen... oh well, hopefully a reboot will help.

so i issue a cmd-ctrl-power and the machine does it magic. but on the reboot it can't get past the boot screen. hrm. a reboot and a cmd-v to verbose mode might give me some idea of what's going on.

when the computer comes back up, what do i see but "not a mach-o file, bad magic number" peppering my console. fuck. this can't be good. and after i do a whole bunch of research on the issue i find out that no, it's not good. and it seems like the easiest way to go about fixing this is to do a reinstall.

i wanted to upgrade to tiger, but not like this. *shrug* at least i've got a backup of all my crucial projects.

still, i can't figure out what in the hell besides a crufty panther install could have hosed my machine the way it did. i wasn't running anything other than mail and safari when it shit.

the hardware tool says all the bits of my ibook are functional so i can rule that out. diskwarrior and os x's disk utility aren't spitting any errors back at me. this shit is just brutally confusing.

now if you'll excuse me, i'm going to make sure everything's happily backed up before i go installing. wish me luck.

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