moving day

after plenty of deliberation and with a bit of a heavy heart, i think it's time to put gomi up on the shelf.

i'm not sure how or why i came to that decision... maybe it's just because it feels like the right time time.

i've got a lot of heavy things going on in my life and change is in the wind. it just feels as if it's high time to evolve, and i don't think i can do that here.

the archives will exist for as long as i can keep them going. that's likely to keep me from getting a job or holding public office in the future but fuck it. the words i wrote here are a record of who i was at a time and place in my life. hopefully i can come back in five or ten years to make some sense out of it all.

but don't think that i'm walking away from weblogging. i plan to keep posting at preshrunk as well as my new personal site, ono sendai. i hope some of y'all manage to follow me over there. cheers!

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