toorcon so far

[7:06pm 09.27.02]
on the train with queeg, arclight and cacktus. after an unsucessful first hour [where i picked up a whole bunch of ap's] i got my rig set up and i'm now sucessfully wartraining. i'm not picking up a lot of ap's, but hopefully things will go a bit better when i get closer to san diego. okay. boozenow.

[12:08am 09.28.02]
sitting in dachb0den with noid, h1kari, dink and a handful of others. noid and h1kari are playing pool and everyone else is milling about. the reception was chilled the fuck out, and i hope to high hell that things are a bit more busy tommorow. we're working on getting my laptop some linklight love so i can send out this out. okay, fuck it, i'm online. time to post.


happy birthday google!

today you're four years old. i remember when you were just a tyke and still in beta at stanford. my how you've grown. of course, i used you before you were "cool" but that doesn't mean that i'm gonna snub you now. you still are and possibly always will be the only search engine for me - at least until you turn into the next altavista.

much love,


paul lynde is the shit

there's a wonderful collection of quips and one liners from paul lynde that i spotted on evhead yesterday. i'll cut to the chase and drop y'all an example:

peter marshall: it's well known that small amounts of female hormones are found in the male body. are male hormones ever found in the female body?
paul lynde: occasionally.

to construct or not to construct...

i'm working on a "wardriving influenced" project that may or may not occur. i've got an orinoco gold and a garmin gps 12 - but i have no data cable for the gps unit. now the question is, do i want to spend the time and construct myself a cable for the unit or should i just see if i can borrow one?


sex and disneyland

[boogah] i enjoy relationship land.
[boogah] it's got all the rides i like.
[boogah] i like the teacups.
[boogah] but "journey to the center of her pelvis" is fun.
[noid] how bout bunghole adventure 3d?
[noid] jungle cruise is nice tho
[noid] i like the part with the hippos
[noid] and the cap gun

from the bitbucket

never say "well klatu verata nictu to you too" when a four.hundred pound crazy person starts yelling at you in tounges. it can and often will end badly.


quote of the day

"weblogs. you know. like a 'home page' with a tuxedo t-shirt."
:: merlin mann

via a whole lotta nothing


irc quote of the day

[Ghent] nothing beats a warm cup of shut the fuck up in the mornin'


pb's done a small set of images using photoshop to adapt real pictures to the good old days of vector graphics... viewing these makes me warm and fuzzy - but for some reason i want to play battlezone.


quote of the day

"you know how dumb the average guy is? well, mathematically, by definition, half of them are even dumber than that."
:: j.r. "bob" dobbs

things i love about working at exo :: number three

the official policy on drinking: "you can drink on the job as long as you don't end up accosting the customers."

that's wonderful, because guinness gets me going....

desperately seeking maximus

[noid] he is a difficult person to find
[noid] i only have his cell number..his house number has changed
[boogah] well, he was bold going into that klan meeting wearing his "free mumia" shirt.
[boogah] so no doubt he's gonna change his phone number.
[boogah] esp. after he handed out his "i'll give your daughter the hard black deep dicking it deserves you racist fuck" business cards.
[noid] i hand out the same cards..folks just laugh when i do it tho


operator's manual

"operator's manual / tells me what to do / when emotions blow a fuse / and i'm feeling blue / operator's manual / on page sixty-three / tells me what to do when you / do these things to me / oh operator's manual / i'd just fall apart without you / if only i had a mechanic / then somehow i know i'd pull through"

today is buzzcocks day. all buzzcocks, all day. i'm grabbing their bbc sessions right now and once i get tired of listening to them i'll probably break the "all buzzcocks" format in favor of an all decendents format. either way, i'll bring the rock.

female or shemale?

does the person in the pic have a va-jay-jay or a dick? i missed four... how many can you get?
via the diesel sweeties messageboards


irc quote of the day

sexual fustration and tomato soup:
[boogah] by now you've gotta be so sexually fustrated you should be able to crush a can full of tomato soup with your right hand.
[noid] i dont like tomato soup
[noid] its got tomatoes in it
[ozendorph] the secret ingredient is: tomato
[noid] i wouldnt crush one..then i would be covered in tomato soup, sending me into a tomato soup based rage
[noid] with the hitting and the punching and the 'i hate tomatoes'
[ozendorph] "cover me in tomato, lad. it's time for war!"

star wars lines you might hear in a porno

"get in there you big furry oaf, i don't care what you smell!"

forwarded off by click, the first twenty or so are decent. after that the list gets a bit hit and miss, but it does make me wonder what the hell george lucas was thinking about when he was working on dialouge...


gone thriftin'

well, i'm headed out for the weekend to go thriftin' with megan in north hollywood. hopefully i'll find some sort of trinket of interest, but since i'm going thru the "lug my camera along everywhere phase" i'll probably have pictures to show off.

here's to hoping i find some good old tiki stuff.

linux is for bitches

hot damn, this guy really doesn't like the linux user base... then again, red hat users are pretty fucking dumb, so i can't slight him for that.

upgrade day!

well, seeing as how it's been at least a week since i've downloaded the latest security fix from microsoft on my desktop box maybe it's time to grab internet explorer service pack one so i can reboot my system. sure microsoft brags about the stability of their nt based operating systems but it really doesn't mean shit to me when i have to apply patches and reboot once a week.

on the bright side of things, i'm grabbing chimera 0.5 [clean os x mozilla port] which is progressing by leaps and bounds. i'm rather happy with how it's coming along and if you use os x on a day in day out basis i suggest you give it a look.

hacking britney

britney has never been anything more than furious masturbation fodder for me. so i'm slightly delighted to see her get get deconstructed at britney underground. forty five pictures of people taking out their agressions on posters for britney's "live in las vegas" concert broadcast on hbo.

super happy lucky origami boulder

i thought justballs.com was just plain silly - even if it is an actual company. however origami boulder is silly turned up to eleven.

from the faq
my domain origamiboulder.com, but most people too stupid to understand, so i explain now at beginning.

origami, is japanese art of folding paper. boulder is round rock. origami boulder is wadded up paper! you understand now, dumbo? then hurry up and buy wadded paper! you see picture at top of site don't you?


crosseyed and painless

"facts are simple and facts are straight / facts are lazy and facts are late / facts all come with points of view / facts don't do what i want them to / facts just twist the truth around / facts are living turned inside out"


the day i almost died...

the only thing i'm gonna say on 9/11

first, they came for the muslims
and i did not speak out - because i was not a muslim.

then they came for the drug dealers
and i did not speak out - because i was not a drug dealer.

then they came for the hackers
and i did not speak out - because i was not a hacker.

then they came for me
and by that time, there was no one left to speak up for me.
courtesy of sqweak


i can finally afford an aibo...

sony's sub-thousand dollar aibo

well, kinda. sony's actually had a sub-thousand dollar aibo on the market for a bit but now i can start saving up to have a cool robotic pet of my own. well, at least one that doesn't go for forty bucks at target.

rockin' with saddam

these music videos, which apparently show nightly on iraqi tv are just plain wrong. eminem best watch his ass, seeing as how there's a new ill rhyme sayer on the scene.

irc quote of the day

[pappy] biohazard videos are the best. it's like they got every tough new yorker in existence, and made them jump up and down and flex for 5 minutes.
[plarceny] and that angry black kid on a pogo stick
[pappy] if you were on a pogo stick, you'd be angry too.
[pappy] and, possibly black.
[plarceny] he's pogoing for black supremacy
[pappy] in our own way, aren't we all?
[pappy] what are you pogoing for?
[plarceny] cigarettes, and the adoration of bar sluts everywhere
[pappy] i'm pogoing for the right to mount an m-60 to my kid's radio-flyer
[pappy] and for reasonable prices on out-of-season fruits
[pappy] strawberrys 365, yo.


irc quote of the day

[el_jefe] wwf announced that thered be hot lesbian action on raw tonight
[el_jefe] i enjoy lesbians
[el_jefe] and their same sex relations

ext2 to ext3

iceberg was asking if anyone had any information on how to convert an ext2 file system to ext3. so for those of you daring enough to do it here's the best set of instructions i could find.

shit i didn't know: number one.forty.seven

intersting, eric s. raymond has a weblog.


let's make like the holocaust and fake it...

it's very hard for me to describe 40oz.. just think of red meat but a lot more fucked up. don't get me wrong - i like it, but there's so many webcomics out there now that it's hard to keep up.

i wish today looked like this...

well, maybe less blurry. but you get the idea.


repeat after me...

you're the man now dog!

magnetic poetry corner

seen on arclight's fridge: kill -9 whitey

which dictator/sitcom character are you?

quick, think of a dictator or a character from a sitcom and go here. you'll answer a series of yes/no questions and the computer will guess who you are. i've only been able to trip it up twice with joey from "the joey bishop show" and the gooch from "diff'rent strokes" - see if you can trip up the fantastical guessing computer hooked to the interweb.