vamos a jugar por la playa

planning, planning, planning. it seems that's all i've been up to as of late...
  • i spent the weekend with megs getting ready to spend the fourth of july weekend up at refugio state beach. i went for the first time last year and while i'll be missing the debauchery of id4con i really need some downtime to put things into perspective.
  • the death race is ramping up. i haven't heard word one from the crew heading up the san diego caravan but i assume it's still going on. skroo's rocking the radio station proper and we should be all ready to roll the night of july 31st...
  • for those of you not in the know the death race corresponds with defcon which is a month and a day away as of this posting. defcon [refered to hereafter as simply "con"] is the world's largest hacker convention and combines elements of spring break [see: binge drinking, room parties] along with technical talks [see: operating system fingerprinting, kernel auditing, embedded systems]. god willing we won't have another juvenile "performance" from the cdc.
  • jtx has almost put the finishing touches on the defcon note exchange. at this point i just need to hand him the design and he needs to do some minor backend work and it's ready to rock.
  • the past few years there's been a group of us who get together on sunday night at con and go to the emeril lagasse resturant at the mgm grand. due to none of us being on the same page, we missed going last year and to make up for it sqweak and i are compiling an eliteist guest list for emerilcon 2003 at delmonico steakhouse. it oughta be a fun time.
  • something i'll only refer to as san quentin is trudging ahead. more will be revealed when the time is right, but let's just say that it's kinda big.
yeah, i've been a busy kid and along with work i'll probably stay that way all summer long.

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