etech :: days one and two

despite the fact that i said i'd update at least once daily, i totally slipped on getting a post out yesterday. this is what happens when i attempt to set deadlines for myself. i managed to have a full day, starting at 5am and finally crashing out at sometime after 2am. all the flatmates are really cool folks and we're throwing a party tonight. i'm having a great time just soaking up the information and getting to meet all sorts of new people.

i've included the notes i've taken so far down below. they're more outlines than full fledged notes, really. still, they may be of use to someone. i'll update this post thru the day and add more notes [and maybe photos] as i take them.

danny o'brien's life hacks: tech secrets of overprolific alpha geeks [cory's notes]

george's photos

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