shit on you

there's something slightly comforting in eating a famous star and washing it down with some mike's hard lemonade. not a wonderful feeling per sae, but akin to wrapping oneself in a warm blanket and settling down for a nice nap. i'm going bowling in a couple hours and i thought i'd get nice and liquored beforehand. i've settled for the only thing that was cheap and plentiful in alcohol at the food4less - mike's. it's not bad in the slightest, but it's just not my normal weapon of choice. [see: bass, boddingtons, newcastle]

working for the weekend

"not takin' nothin' from no one, give 'em hell long as I'm breathin' / keep kickin' ass in the mornin, an' takin' names in the evening"

been looping the breeders "cannonball", underworld "cowgirl [irish pub in kyoto mix]" and busta rhymes "pass the courvoisier [part two]" all day. just those three songs. i'm babysitting a windows two.thousand install and getting some work wrapped up before i head out for bowling with the guys tonight and the orange street fair sunday. ought to be a fun time.



yay! the power supply is kosher but my hard drive is beyond repair. i've lost a good couple hundred megs of data. mp3s, pictures, a webpage i was working on for megan, adapted scripts [unix and windows], writings i'd been working on - all of it, gone. so instead of heading home i'm at work reinstalling the os [windows xp. fuck those of you who're snickering.]. i hope to high hell that this doesn't happen again, or i'm going to have to get wicked violent.

hopefully installing xp will give me some filesystem stability since i'm using ntfs instead of fat32. i just hope it doesn't run like ass because my the lappy is slightly above the minimum system requirements for xp. well, cross your fingers - here goes nothing.

irc quote of the day

[noid] so what kind of spam did we get?
[noid] increase your penis size by refilling your own inkjet cartridges?


i thought i had a dead power supply, turns out the tape that was used just wasn't friendly with the current that was going thru it. still, the second i get a paycheck i'm gonna ebay me a new power supply.


well, the power supply just started smoking. and as we all know once the magic smoke escapes it's done for. looks like i'm going to have to head to ebay for a replacement one. this'll be my second in four months. *shakes head*

plastic surgery disasters

tim's playing doctor on my power supply. it'll look a little frankenstein, but i'll be able to use my laptop again!


riaa = 0wn3d
click for screenshot, courtesy of minor damage

i'm not normally a big fan of webpage hacks, but this one is rather ammusing. not only did the riaa's frontpage get hacked, but you could also download songs off their site. [more on guerrillanews]



well, i finally followed thru with my threat of re-upping the webcam twenty.four/seven. hopefully it won't traumatize you too much.

mega super lucky host file :: redux

i was going to write up a bit on the host file and how it works as a follow-up to my last entry, but the gorilla design studio has done a much better job than i ever could. hell, their host file makes mine look downright puny. hell, they even have versions of the big list for *nix and mac. color me impressed.

"the world outside is so big / but it's safe in my domain / because to you / i'm just a number / and a clever screen name"

mega super lucky host file

if you've got a win95/98/me/nt/2k/xp box and you're tired of getting pop-ups i've cross compiled several lists of sites to blackhole and i've decided to make it available. just follow the instructions in the file linked above and you'll pretty much null route any traffic to most of the big ad servers out there. gimme a bit and i'll give all y'all a better rundown of how a host file works.

daily winamp update

now that i've had a chance to use it, i'm rather enjoying winamp three. it's responsive, simple to use and doesn't chunk when i operate processor heavy activities - well, except for some shit under photoshop. but that goes without saying. i'm rather glad i've upgraded. thumbs up to the winamp guys for turning out an awesome player.

i am the very model of a modern teenage cyberpunk

this takes me back. actually, it reminds me a lot of myself when i was getting started in the underground. well, it made me giggle.



i stand corrected - there's a new beta of the windows livejournal client that supports winamp three... hooray!

music sounds better with you

winamp three!

winamp three is finally out of beta! it's running rather nicely, but of course the "music detect" feature under the livejournal client for windows doesn't support it. but it looks better, sounds better, and the built in crossfader actually works! my desktop box is showing it's age tho, winamp now takes longer to load and skin swaps freeze the player for a second. i need to upgrade off the celeron four.hundred stat.

pardon me while i squeal like a little girl...

underworld is going to be performing in los angeles at the wiltern on october twenty.first! i, am so fucking there it's not funny. once i find on sale dates for the tickets i'm going to scoop up a pair. now pardon me while i go change my pants...

googie a-go-go

last week the oc weekly ran a wonderful piece on my favorite artist, shag. this week they've gone one step further and have dedicated a good portion of the paper to the romanticisim of googie architechture. the past two weeks they've been batting a thousand as far as content goes. big up to the folks at the oc weekly.


bling bling on a budget

i wonder if the hundred and twenty.five dollar performance fee includes diddy's cristal...

dead kennedys, "insight"

who's that kid in the back of the room / he's setting all his papers on fire / where did he get that crazy smile / we all think he's really weird / we never talk to him / he never looks quite right / he laughs at us / we just beat him up / what he sees escapes our sight / we've never seen him with the girls / he's talking to himself again / why doesn't he want tons of friends / says he's bored when we hang around / we never talk to him / he never looks quite right / he laughs at us / we just beat him up / what he sees escapes our sight / we're all planning our careers / he says we're growing old

pub etiquette for dummies

i missed posting this a couple days back, but j.ko linked to this wonderful pub etiquette guide which i've been skimming thru since i came across it. below is an example of the brilliant little tidbits of knowledge it dispenses.

most natives will not able to explain the british rules with any degree of clarity. indeed, many a native will deny that there are any rules, insisting that everyone drinks what they like in britain and that he drinks pints of lager only because it is thirst-quenching and he happens to like the taste (just as teenagers claim that they wear the latest street-fashion item because it is comfortable). you don’t have to believe him. the fact is that choice of beverage is rarely a simple matter of personal taste.

eat up martha?

gene ammuses me. after we exchanged some words about the apple newton and i mentioned the simpsons episode where one's used as a weapon he forwarded off this... [warning .mov]

i'm sorry, i can't do that dave...

two.thousand.one, redone in legos, in under a minute... wonderfully, it recaps all the major plot points of the movie.


thank you for financing global terror!

inside, i'm giggling. really loudly. pardon me while i run off and check to see if i've got three bucks in my paypal account...


soylent green is people!

the bus scares me sometimes...


just threw up a link section...

pardon our dust

i'm finally following thru with my threat of redesigning gomi. of course only half the links work at the moment, but all traces of the hoodie-boy is almost gone... so far the blog and archives are converted over, as are the pictures [kinda]. you can still visit all the offsite links like livejournal, geek/hotornot and the mirror project. once i get everything smoothed out i'll have sets of pictures from my 4th of july weekend trip to refugio and some older pictures of excursions i took to see the los angeles premier of "vulgar" [hosted by kevin smith] and other such bits of fun. the cool thing about the pictures i'll be posting is their galleries will be generated using a hacked version of pb's snapgallery wherein i kludged on a php commenting system. ph34r!

i've got a little work to do on megan's site too. i owe her a little mindless self indulgence page [with a grip of her pictures from one of their rare appearances out here] and i'd like to make things look a little more tidy... more on that as i work on it.

if you'll pardon me, i'm finally going to head out from work [only an hour and fifteen minutes later than i'd said i would] and damage my liver with some form of liquor. cheers!

who wants to battle?

just downloaded some old r.a.w. and i've got a fifth of vodka at home. in about twenty.five minutes i'm gonna go home and abuse my liver...


who needs a girlfriend? i've got furniture pr0n!

so megan's taking off for burning man tommorow morning and won't be back until sometime around the fourth of september... of course i'll miss her, and i'll have some suprises waiting for her when she gets back - but i think i'll be cool.

i just got furniture pr0n!

the two.thousand.three ikea catalog was waiting for me in our mailbox at work today. so. very. sexy. now all i need to do is get my diesel sweeties and exploding dog comic books and i'll be able to get by.

oh, the four cd's full of porn from seanrox might help too...



i love how i'm about to post my first real update in almost two weeks to livejournal to have brothel [which megan affectionatley refers to as "frankenputer"] reset itself on me. i've really gotta get tim to take a look at my lappy's power supply tommorow.

tokyo is once again safe

so i'm looking into implementing bugzilla at work so i can keep a better handle on what i should be doing and so we can delegate tasks easier once we start to hire on more people. i'll probably spend some time on installing and tweaking it over the weekend that megan's out of town for burning man.


oh my guinness

i know it's probably too soon to be discussing weekend plans but hopefully megan's dad will have found their ice cream maker so we can make guinness chip ice cream. it's adapted from an emeril recipie that both megan and i caught and then started trying to one up each other on what would taste better than just plain guinness ice cream. i'll try to take pictures and let y'all know how it goes.

i'm going to need about $9000, can anyone spot me?

mmm... dual 1.25ghz g4 with 2gigs of ram, a superdrive and os x.2 + 23in apple cinema display = swooning boogah


patchwork pc

slick. i just threw some stuff i had laying around on my parted out home desktop, reinstalled win2k and i'm up and running without a problem. brothel has returned! at least until tim can fix my power supply.

woah, awesome!

alton brown's getting the slashdot treatment...
wow it's hard to follow which computer i'm talking about when i mention anger, brothel and gaijin... i ought to make a page to keep track of this shit.

i'm powerless...

well, at least my laptop is. the power supply that broke on the way out to defcon - which i'd fixed in a slapdash manner - is no more. it lasted for all of a week in bad need of repair, so i can't complain. tim, being the nice guy that he is has agreed to fix it, but he can't get to it til tommorow... of course, my brother's got anger, so i can't use it... and my home desktop brothel is in parts all over my room. so i've got one of two choices: repo anger for the evening or get brothel back in working order. i don't want to leave jim without a computer and i can't give up the internet for more than a couple hours before i start going thru "withdrawls", so i'm going to need to figure something out.

then again, i could always get gaijin up and running - but the fastest modem i have for it is a sorry old 28.8 that i'm not too sure about. i really don't want to get it up and find out that it's useless. *sigh* what's a geek to do?
uh oh... megan's discovered geocaching. time to dust off the old gps.

casting stones at alternate window managers

real men may use window managers like icewm or blackbox, but i've still gotta say that i love my kde. i'll give both blackbox and icewm some credit tho - they both compiled without complaint and ran like a charm. while icewm wasn't even my cup of tea and reminded me partially of my descent into plan9, i'm still playing with blackbox and i'm impressed that it's running konqueror without complaint. very smooth...


western eyes

mmm... portishead live at roseland, nyc dvd. after underworld's "everything, everything" i thought i'd never pick up another music dvd again - but i was wrong. and i'm glad i was. the raw emotion in beth's voice just punches me in the stomach with every word.

*sigh* they need to put that rumored new album out. now.



okay, that didn't go as planned... well, i made it back in one piece. more or less. pictures and tales upcoming.




megan's here, and we're going to get food for all of us before zero shows up. the antenna is rigged up on tp's truck and we leave the ontario mills in three hours. it actually looks like things are going to work.

holy shit. things are going to go okay. megan is my good luck charm.

/me drums his fingers on his desk

less than an hour until megan's due here and still no tp. god we're gonna cut this close, i can just tell.

an hour and a half late

two.thirty and i'm still waiting on technopagan... i hope he's okay.


bah. tp's in montclair and headed this way now. i should see him in forty.five minutes to an hour. so now we'll have a little over an hour to hook up and test the station.

if you hear a loud beating that reminds you of a tribal drum, that's only my heart going a mile a minute.

waiting on tp...

i hope technopagan shows up soon. we've got two hours to hook up, test and verify the radio station.

hitting the ground running...

i've got my room reservation set. my brother leaves with the cannonball in about an hour. technopagan's due here in two hours so we can hook up the radio station for desert crossing radio. megan's due here at four and zero's due here around six to pick her up. then we head to the ontario mills for the caravan, which departs at eight.thirty sharp.

after that, everything's cake... more or less.

not like you'll be able to notice, but after tp gets here i'll be afk until monday night. i'm going to try to post defcon updates from my phone and other public access terminals when i get the chance... but i won't make any promises. hope to see some of you folks there. cheers!